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Constantly in the fold of the latest information technologies, incredibly innovative solutions are our passion.

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From the beginning, our primary focus is first-class success for our clients.

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Skillful, professional, customer-focused, diligent and dedicated all describe Avid Technology Professionals.

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Avid Technology Professionals is the brainchild of Troy Bundy and Adrian Irby, who worked together at the United States Department of Defense, where they witnessed firsthand the shortcomings of common IT programs. Recognizing the need for improvement, they worked together to determine how to improve the systems and programs in place while simultaneously optimizing and tracking the results.

Today Avid Technology Professionals remains true to the very principles on which it was founded: to conceptualize, develop, and measure the outcomes of systems with attention to efficiency and detail. We also strive to meet the set requirements of every client and to operate with a high level of integrity.

Avid Technology Professionals has grown into a thriving IT company with 45 active employees. We service government and commercial contracts while keeping pace with the constantly evolving market for information technology as it pertains to our clients.

Avid Technology Professionals specializes in four core areas of expertise: data science, cloud computing, enterprise security, and big data. Foremost, Avid Technology Professionals is a company of skillful, knowledgeable, and intensely dedicated professionals. All of our employees work diligently to develop solutions that enable organizations to share and process information quickly, securely, and effectively.

Our Philosophy

Skillful, professional, customer-focused, diligent and dedicated all describe Avid Technology Professionals. We hold fast to the ideas we were founded on and it has proven to be the very foundation of our success.


Integrity and Professionalism

We follow all industry-driven standards and best practices for every project in which we’re involved while also meeting the customer’s goals and needs. We deliver results on-time and on-budget, always maintain the highest level of professionalism with all our colleagues, customers, and clients.



Our team members work closely with each other and with every customer, both within the government community and the commercial sector. In every project, Avid Technology Professionals teams are supervised by our founders, who possess advanced educational degrees and help with conducting research and supporting all research-related activities.


Diligence & Perseverance

Diligence and perseverance are the pillars of Avid Technology Professionals’ shared work discipline. We will not stop until the job is done right and our client is 100% satisfied with the results.



Our experience and customer commitment, combined with our recognition of your unique needs, allows us to bring considerable and highly relevant techniques to solve the data challenges you face.

Avid Technology Professionals embraces concepts like client and server development, object-oriented analysis and design, component-driven services-based development, configuration management, enterprise architecting, acquisition program management techniques, and program analytical techniques. No matter your problem, we have a solution for you.

AVID has been a great company to learn from and grow with as far as my individual skills go as a designer.

I have bettered my time management, practiced better habits of juggling multiple projects and meeting deadlines..”

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