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What We Do

Data Science

We use your data to find information , insights, and solutions for your business.

Cloud Computing

We use cloud computing to manage and store your data better than on a local server.

Enterprise Security

Proactively and reactively analyze and manage your company’s security risks with our services.

Application Development

Our applications automate your businesses operational tasks and processes, increasing overall efficiency.

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Data Science

The success of any organization in the modern landscape is dependent on being able to analyze data, recognize patterns and trends, and develop strategies and solutions which can help promote growth or rectify an area of weakness. The importance of data analysis has grown as the world becomes more interconnected and reliant on real-time information processing and “big data”, where the scope of available information can seem insurmountable to analyze.

ATP understands our customers are interested not only in collecting data, but understanding what the data actually means. We provide business intelligence tools and utilize statistical techniques that help you better understand and use your data.

  • Management of Structured and Unstructured Data
  • Data Ingest
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Storage
  • Predictive Data Analysis (Mission-Driven Analytics)
  • Data Acquisition
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Elasticsearch Data Disambiguation
  • Data Knowledge (ETL)
  • Final Analysis Reporting and GUI Generation for Results Displaying

Cloud Computing

Hosting applications and services on the “cloud” has gained popularity across the greater IT realm in recent years due to the flexibility and customization cloud services are able to offer without burdening customers with the costs, space usage, and upkeep paired with needing to run physical resources. The decision to move the cloud is a monumental one for any organization or organization, and our engineers possess the technical insight and understanding to plot a seamless migration plan from beginning to end to enable your organization to take quickly advantage of the benefits cloud services have to offer.

ATP has supported the migration of multiple applications to the cloud for multiple customers and has first-hand experience with the latest tools used in cloud engineering & computing to develop a cloud platform which best serves your organization’s needs.

ATP is able to provide Cloud Computing Services entailing:

  • Setup of Software-as-a-Service (Saas), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas)
  • Application Migration to the Cloud
  • Familiarity with Industry Cloud Staples such as Amazon Web Services, Docker and Hadoop

ATP can also assist in virtualizing your work environment as another method of reducing hardware overhead without compromising on your business’ ability to perform tasks efficiently while also offering improved disaster recovery solutions and reducing energy costs utilizing tools such as VMWare and Soap UI.

Enterprise Security

ATP is capable of providing every potential customer unique security and data protection solutions for their enterprise environments, utilizing experience and familiarity with various code policies pulled from our work supporting and meeting federal and DoD mission requirements. Recognizing no two systems are alike, ATP is experienced in setting up unique and flexible security controls for various systems whether it’s in an environment running 10 machines or 1,000 machines, while also ensuring each individual system has been properly vetted with personalized test plans and procedures. Protecting data from being accessed by bad actors and preventing data leakage vital to the success any business or organization no matter the scale.

Intrinsic understanding of policy documents and standards such as ICD 503, NIST RMF, and CNSSI to ensure the proper network security controls are enabled in key customer environments which house and utilize various federal systems with national security stakes inside and outside the purview of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Utilization of tools such as Nmap and Splunk extensively in developing complex analytics from servers and disparate data sources to correlate information which is compiled in the creation of reports which can be passed along to the customer detailing in key areas such as remediating certain items, observing and monitoring NESSUS scanning data, and developing electronic dashboards and interfaces users can utilize to access and observe extracted mission data.

Capable senior Information System Security Engineers and System Administrators with industry experience and are 8570 certified who can provide guidance to junior security personal and impart their real-world knowledge of the actual security practices and processes used out the field.

Application Development

ATP offers comprehensive hands-on application development and custom software engineering experience, ensuring we can design and develop products which can address our customers’ most pressing problems in an efficient and flexible manner. Our goal is bringing real-world solutions to the unique demands of government and commerce no matter the scale of the effort, whether it’s reworking a small legacy system to meet modern needs or building a large application from the ground up. Our engineers are on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest IT innovations and industry standards.

  • Software Design & Development
  • Software Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Usage of Agile Software Development Lifecycle and related development practices i.e. Sprints and Scrums
  • Providing Scalability Options to meet growing needs of system solutions along with growing userbase
  • Deployment, Frontline Maintenance, and Sustainment

Utilization of Modern Development Tools and Technologies

  • Object-Oriented Programming using tools such as Java, Python, C++
  • Web Application Design using tools such as JavaScript, JSON, Angular, JQuery
  • Designing Applications which can run across multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.)
  • Developing Big Data Solutions utilizing Contemporary Tools such as Elasticsearch, Hadoop, MapReduce, Apache Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j, Cloudera

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